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You are in perfect hands if you are looking for:

  • ... tactical support from a veteran IT team,
  • ... IT team that will proceed with a feasibility study and distill an MVP together with your team,
  • ... reliable IT professionals that we will smash any problem that you will throw at them,
  • ... the pragmatic IT engineers that will fully immerse into your business domain.

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Who we are?

We are the last IT team you will ever need!

We firmly believe in full-stack employee philosophy. Together, we form a complete team that handles whole software development lifecycle.

Starting from preparing offers and feasibility studies to business and requirements analysis, product design, through user experience design, front-end development to various back-end technologies, deployment, operations and maintenance.

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Kamila's recommendations

Kamila Gawrońska
Kamila Gawrońska

Wojciech's recommendations

Wojciech Gawroński
Wojciech Gawroński

We proudly support following projects: - Cloud Native evangelism and trainings Cloud Native evangelist group, where Wojciech is one of the trainers and co-organizer.

Functional Miners - Lambda Lovers user group

Functional Miners: Wojciech regularly organizes meetings of that user group since 2015.

Lean QA - Eliminate waste from your IT life and become a better QA!

Lean QA: Kamila and Wojciech are main minds behind this initiative.

Perun - Swiss Army Knife tool for CloudFormation

perun: Wojciech is co-author, contributor and maintainer of that tool.


We excel at delivering real-time, reliable, and maintainable web applications and APIs, deployed in private, hybrid or public cloud. We striving to deliver as minimal operational overhead as possible, leveraging serverless approach.

We are experts in Amazon Web Services and BEAM ecosystem:
Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix Framework - including Ecto and Absinthe (GraphQL).
Amazon Web Services
Phoenix Framework
Mongoose IM
Serverless Framework


Remember, the more detailed description you provide us, the better we can understand your project and get back to you with a complete reply. Do not hesitate to add estimated project start and end dates. If you need an NDA, just mention it in this message.

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